Here come the Megasaurs

3 May 2013

The first winner of H Grossman’s Megasaur point-of-sale promotion competition will be announced at the upcoming Toymaster show.GrossmanScreen-Shot-2013-30

To see how the impact of having a Megasaur in-store, take a look at the video at the foot of this story to see Jason Messenger’s new Megasaur in his store, Bicester Toys. Martin Grossman commented: “I was really impressed with Jason putting such a great effort into making his store more exciting, and using one of the Megasaurs to do so.”

To enter the competition draw and be able to turn your store into a dinosaur’s den, simply place your order for Megasaurs with H Grossman. To contact the company, call 01416 132 525. Every month, the winner will be able to choose which of the two animated Megasaurs they would like to have as an attraction in-store.

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