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Cartamundi launches Skyfall Playing Cards and Poker Sets

Published on: September 24th, 2012

Cartamundi will feature as the exclusive supplier of the cards and chips used in the twenty-third James Bond installment.

From September 2012 an exclusive range of Skyfall Playing Cards and Poker Sets will be launched in the UK, including the Skyfall Compact 150 Chip Poker Set and the Skyfall Deluxe 300 Chip Poker Set.

Cartamundi has had a successful James Bond licence for ten years, and also supplied the cards and poker chips for the Bond film Casino Royale. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond, the company will release the new Special Edition range of Playing Cards and Poker Sets, including the limited edition 007 50th Anniversary Luxury Poker Set, complete with 500 casino-quality chips, two commemorative playing card packs with gold gilt-edged cards and a distinctive metal-edged case. Images from Bond movies 1-22 are spread across two collectable 007 50th Anniversary Playing Card packs.

Bert Van Pelt, chief sales co-ordinator, said: “We are proud that Cartamundi is able to contribute to the success of the world-famous Bond films. We hope the publicity generated by the new James Bond film will raise the profile of both Cartamundi and the playing card game in general. Poker is still a hype throughout the world, so we are convinced that this trend can only be stimulated further by the new Bond film Skyfall.”

Cartamundi is also releasing Madagascar 3 Card Games with the new film in cinemas this October. The range includes a Happy Families Game and a colourful Gift Set containing Happy Families, Playing Cards and cards to conjure up magic tricks.

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