Magic Box launches new Bionic Bungees

Published on: August 30th, 2012

Magic Box is launching a second series of Bungees, the magnetic collectable figurine craze.

Bionic Bungees will launch on 6th September 2012, together with a new range of Bungees Toy blister packs and a Bungees Collector Tin. Bungees are brightly-coloured, magnetic figurines with ‘Flick to Stick’ game play. The first series of Bungees launched in January 2012.

The Bionic Bungees collection brings some new features. The Bungees figurines are decorated with metallic ‘Bionic’ colours, and the collectable cards from series 1 have been replaced by new Metal Discs. Collectability is also boosted by the two stickers that are found in each packet. Stickers can be collected inside a sticker album which forms part of the Bungees Starter Pack. There are 96 Bungees, 96 Metal Discs and 96 Stickers to collect. Six rare ‘Wanted’ Bungees and Discs will be the sought-after elements of the collection.

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