Playmobil launches Fi?ures Series 3

Published on: August 13th, 2012

Playmobil’s third series of Fi?ures introduces first ever pregnant character.

Playmobil has announced the launch of Fi?ures Series 3, the latest instalment in the top-selling collectibles range. The mystery-bagged pocket money toys will feature two all-new assortments of twelve figures and include the toy giant’s very first pregnant character.

Simply called ‘Pregnant Woman’, the design is in response to requests from children from across the globe who send in hundreds of drawings and ideas each month. The expectant mother appears to be in the early stages of pregnancy and stands at 7.5cm, like all Playmobil figures.

Little ones can celebrate the best of British with the Guardsman, create their own musical masterpieces with the outlandish Pop Star, or take a trip across the pond with the Statue of Liberty. Boys and girls will also be able to mix and match body parts and accessories to create their own characters.

Jamie Dickinson, marketing manager for Playmobil UK, said: “We know how much children love to recreate things they see around them in everyday life, so we’re thrilled to introduce the very first pregnant Playmobil figure to this collection. With the launch of the third range, there are now over 400 possible combinations and characters to create with Fi?ures, keeping boys and girls entertained for hours.”

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