V&S Entertainment announces Series 4 of Everything’s Rosie

Published on: September 21st, 2012

V&S Entertainment has announced that its vibrant pre-school show has been acquired by CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow.

The new series comprises of 26 x11m episodes and is to air in 2013, bringing the total number of episodes to 104. Production has been ongoing since 2009 and the fourth series will be completed in three consecutive years of ratings winner Everything’s Rosie.

Produced by its creator Vickie Corner, Series 4 will once again feature Rosie, Raggles and friends as positive and inspiring role models offering fun, discovery and timeless life lessons to pre-schoolers.

Corner commented: “This is a great achievement for Everything’s Rosie and we are delighted that the BBC and International broadcasters continue to support the show and all that Rosie represents to pre-school girls and boys in the UK. We look forward taking the show to MIPCOM in Cannes.”

Everything’s Rosie combines aspirational storytelling and stimulating visual content with first class CGI animation, visual FX and cinematic quality sound design.

Since its launch two years ago in 2010, Everything’s Rosie has become one of the UK’s most watched shows amongst girls and boys. Internationally it has also seen huge success and is now broadcast in more than 150 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Canada and France. Such is the international success of the show that it has also seen rapid growth of an extensive licensing portfolio with more than 45 licensees appointed for the UK and Spain; this is also expected to grow over the next eighteen months.

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