Tatty Puppy wows London Toy Fair

Published on: February 1st, 2013

A pink puppy with a host of interactive features entertained thousands of visitors at this year’s London Toy Fair.

Join In and Play Tatty Puppy, the latest blue-nose toy creation from Carte Blanche Group, showed off his hi-tech tricks at the Olympia trade show.

When Tatty Puppy is stroked, he makes a range of puppy noises and movements. He can also interact with a brand new blue-nose app by responding to the app games as they are being played.

The Blue Nose Adventures App is available as a free mini-game download, with an upgrade to six mini-games for £1.99, with no facility for in-app purchasing meaning kids cannot run up unexpected bills.

To demonstrate Tatty Puppy’s talents, Carte Blanche set up a big screen on their stand and downloaded the app. Visitors played Coco the Monkey’s Beach Band mini-game, and Tatty Puppy was on hand to show off with puppy movements and sounds.

The visitor with the highest score each day received a bottle of champagne, and every player went away with chocolate coins from the pot at the end of the My Blue Nose Friends rainbow.

Carte Blanche’s stand featured Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends floating down from the sky in a hot air balloon and parachutes. There were dedicated areas to showcase all the latest toy products featuring Tatty Puppy, Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends.

Ruth Leonard, Carte Blanche’s marketing director, said: “It’s hard to believe that last year we were complete newcomers to the toy trade. In just one year, our toys have won several industry awards and gained excellent reviews from retailers and consumers. Toy Fair 2013 gave us the chance to celebrate this success and we look forward to another exciting year ahead.”

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